Web Designer / Developer


Web Designer / Developer

Name: Mario Patryk Mróz
Area of Expertise: Web Developer/ Graphic Designer / IT
Birthdate: 4th February 1996
Phone: 69 0839 9248

My name is Mario Mróz and I’m a multi-tool when it comes to computers, but I mainly design websites with a creative, minimalistic and fresh approach.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece but my nationality is Polish.
Growing up as a foreigner in a country has it’s advantages and disadvantages, one of the advantages is that I had the need to show that I am good,
this need to show that I am somebody who matters made me work hard since I was old enough to understand that I don’t quite belong.
My early school years went by quite quick I would say and I was faced with the idea of selecting a career.
At first I intended to be a translator, given the gift of having two mother languages I was set for success,
but my passion about computers and mainly video games changed everything, skip forward a couple of years and some degrees later,
here I am working in the field of Computer Science.

This online resume is meant to introduce my vision as a professional and give a vivid picture of my abilities, ambitions and design signature.

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